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Car air conditioners  A/C charging and diagnostics is a simple task for specialists of car service ZNZ Garage in Dubai.

Car air conditioner is a familiar equipment of any modern car. And, of course, it is the most important detail of car comfort in a hot climate of the U.A.E. This is a fairly complex closed system, which consists of a condenser, compressor, fan, evaporator and other components. If the tightness of the system was broken in the working process, you will need to refill the air conditioner. Service center "ZNZ" Garage has equipment that allows to perform this work at the highest level.

Climate installation diagnostics is recommended to do not less then twice a year. Often, a car conditioner repair is required in the case if water or air gets inside the system. Proper maintenance and timely refilling of the system will extend its service life.

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Repair of car conditioner. The most frequent problems are described below.

Most often the condenser of the climate system gets damaged. Another common problem is the refusal of the needle valve because of pollution. To not have to do the repair of car conditioners, it is necessary periodically to clean them.

Freon leak because of seal failure or damage of rubber hoses will make the climate system ineffective. Before refilling the conditioner, it is necessary to check the leak proofness of the system. Gasket of the compressor should be replaced. The same is for cracked rubber hoses and gaskets.

Very often car conditioner repair is necessary because of system clogging. The penetration of dirt into the system makes it difficult to work and greatly increases the load. In order to repair the car conditioner, Freon change and flushing the entire system are required.

Very often electrical faults happen. Metal contacts can be damaged by influence of water or dirt. Experts of service center "ZNZ" Garage will make diagnostics and repair car conditioners in the shortest possible time. We will eliminate any malfunctions of climate system on your car. Our mechanics refill of car conditioners at the service station in full compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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A/C Charging and Refrigerant/Freon

Car conditioner runs is refilled only after the replacement or repair of the climate system elements. Filling of car conditioners is difficult  work and only qualified professionals can do it. If the system does not have enough CFC, the compressor overheating and damage can follow. If the system has too much freon, the  conditioner valves can be damaged.

Our specialists remove moisture and air from the climate system. Before filling the conditioner we test leak of proofness of the system at the station. Next we refill the conditioner with the amount of Freon determined by the manufacturer.

Addressing to the service center "ZNZ" Garage, you can be sure that all work on filling, maintenance and repair of car conditioners will be performed with high quality and as soon as possible. We guarantee reliable and long-term work of climatic installation after undergoing maintenance at our service centre. At our station only experienced and qualified professionals refill the conditioners.

Service charge for A/C system check up and gas refil:

250 AED 


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