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Car body repair from a scratch to the complex body work in Dubai, car body repair shop Dubai

At the service center "ZNZ" Garage we know how to handle the most difficult body damages, restoring original appeal to cars with mileage.

We take to repair and restore not only local damages, but also perform complex body work with the order and the replacement of spare parts, new details of a body, bumpers, restoration of complex geometry and further painting of the detail.

A slight dent on the hood can spoil the mood, and rust, that spreads very fast, just not only spoils the appearance and quality of car, but also reduces its market value. That's why truly competent body repair never loses relevance for car owners.

Any car, despite the date of manufacturing, make and run, will be put in order by our experts, and you should be sure in the quality of our services.

body repairing Dubai

Car body repair shop services:

Replacement of front and rear panels;

Elimination of distortions of body parts of any complexity;

Replacement of spars;

Replacement of front and rear doors;

Replacement of wings;

Replacement of roof;

Replacement of trunk bottom and others;

Polishing of car body;

Assembly- disassembly;

Replacement of body elements;

Repair of plastic parts;

Computer selection of colors;

Preparation of parts for painting;

Removing scratches;

Local body repair;

Welding work;

Anticorrosion treatment;

Collision protection of glasses;

Vibration and noise isolation, and much more;

Becoming our client, you can easily get sure that professional and high-quality body repair may be available. The best professionals will take care about your car, in the recovery of the enamel and elimination of damage, we use professional equipment, which allows us to obtain excellent results.

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