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Faultless brake system is the most important condition of safe use of the car. Only careful, attentive and responsible treatment of assemblies and units of brake system will secure quiet and confident use of your car during long time.

brake system repair Dubai

If you see and signs of faulty of brake system or breaks in its operation you cannot delay the visit to a service centre. Only there qualified specialists will define the type of fault and will take measures to eliminate it. In the case if you don’t address to the professionals in time no one can guarantee you the safety on the road and confidence in car driving. Brake system demands careful treatment, regular diagnostics, technical estimation and timely repair if necessary.

brakes repair Dubai

If you notice even the smallest signs of brake system fault, for example crunch, knock, brake pulse, falling or too free brake pedal stroke, swaying the car to one side during braking, uneven wear of brake blocks you should immediately address to the car service. It’s not worth risking your life for money and time saving.

Regular check-up of brake system condition will help to avoid a lot of serious problems. You should carefully watch the condition of brake system, it will help to eliminate in time any problems that can appear in any part of brake system: brake blocks (wear, greasing, overheat with reduction of rubbing), brake disks (wear, greasing), brake cylinders (breaking of hardenings, corrosion), brake hoses (cracks, stretches, ruptures, swells, leaks), brake liquid (ageing, leakage), rubber seals (destruction).

At the car service ZNZ Garage the best professionals work, they will diagnose the brake system of your car in short time and will define easily the type of damage. After the diagnostics our masters will determine the necessity of repair, its cost and time.

car brakes repair Dubai


Actions of brake system repair:

The number of actions on brake system repair includes:

brake system diagnostics;

replacement of front and rear brake disks and blocks;

change of braking liquid and pumping of the brake system;

replacement, cleaning and greasing of supports;

replacement of brake cylinders;

replacement of brake pipes and hoses;

replacement of vacuum brake booster;

replacement of blocks and knots of parking brake;

check-up of wheel mechanisms;

repair of parking brake;

regulation of parking brake and braking mechanisms;

air pumping;

vacuum booster repair;

replacement of ABS units;

errors elimination in ABS system;

replacement of all ABS sensors;

if necessary all other actions, for example, wheels alignment after finishing work at the brake system.


Preventive repair of brake is desirable not rarely than once per 30-40 thousand kilometers run or more often if the car is used in hard conditions. The car service ZNZ Garage has all necessary things and equipment for prevention and high-quality repair of brake system.

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