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Cooling system can be treated as one of the most capricious elements of a modern car. For its perfect operation you need to have very different factors a lot of which are very difficult to obtain. That is why cooling system elements are out of work rather frequently, especially in summer. You must have seen how a big number of cars just “boiled: on the road. All this is a consequence of faulty in car cooling system.

engine cooling system repair Dubai

Engine overheating can be caused by such reasons:

- lack of coolant because of leak or boiling;

- system clogging up;

- break of skidding of ventilator drive belt;

- refusal to work of electrical and hydraulic couplings of the ventilator;

-thermostat jamming in closed condition or shutters in closed position;

- incorrect setting of spark angle.




Question-answer about engine cooling system:

Question: If in the cooling system there is a leak is it worth to fill it with the sealant?

Answer: It is worth in the last resort – just for getting to car service and do cooling system repair with change of coolant.

Question: Cooling system washing or what can wash the cooling system with?

Answer:  If the contamination is not serious it is enough to use solutions for cooling system washing, that you can buy in auto shops. If the cooling system is contaminated to the extent that the engine is overheated in this case you can not wash it without special technologies.

Question: When should I do the engine cooling system check-up?

Answer:  Twice a year, in spring and in autumn.

Question: What coolants can be used for cooling system?

Answer: Only those recommended by the car manufacturer.

engine cooling system repair Dubai



- to fill the hot engine with cold coolant because it can lead to cracks in the cooling jacket of cylinder unit;

- start an short engine operation after draining of the coolant, because it can lead to destruction of sealing rubber rings of cylinder liners, valve saddles falling, burning of gaskets of unit heads and corrosion of cylinder units heads.

cooling system repair Dubai


Technical centre ZNZ Garage offers a wide range of services n repair and diagnostics of the cooling system. We are able to make repair of any complexity. Spare parts that the company has allow to do all the repair during just several hours. If necessary you can order rare details that will significantly save your time of search of necessary spare parts. The newest high tech equipment allows us to repair the cooling system of your car very quickly.

Specialists of the car service ZNZ Garage Dubai do all kinds of work on cooling system repair: beginning with the change of cooling hose to radiator replacement. High level of professionalism of masters at the centre plays the very important role in repair. We repair and replace the radiator, antifreeze, water pump, thermostat, ventilator, electric ventilator, alternator belt and cooling hose and all related work.


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