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Error Code on Scanner, Car Fault Code Reader, Scanning Error Codes, Check Engine

The control unit contains a system of on-board diagnostics, that allows to determine faults in the system work and to store them in memory. Fault codes can be read from the memory using special diagnostic devices.

In modern cars faults are indicated by alarms built into the dashboard.

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In every modern car there is a connector OBD2 for connection of diagnostic equipment, after connection of car diagnostics you can see fault codes and remove them from the car.

After receiving the error codes you can properly set the course of works on car repair.

Car diagnostics provides not only removal of errors, the most important thing is remove the cause of their appearance in electronic unit of the car.

After repair all the codes are removed from the memory of control unit, otherwise the unit will consider them in the future control of car systems.


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Three methods of fault codes removal are used.

1. Erasing the code by an order from the scanner, connected to the diagnostic connector. On some cars of earlier makes such a procedure is not possible, because it is not supported by the control unit. This method is the preferred and recommended by manufacturers.

2. If the electronic control unit does not support code erasure by the scanner, disconnect the power supply of the unit by removing the appropriate fuse. For example, on many makes in this case you should disable the fuel system fuse. Together with the error codes from the memory block information for adaptive control will be also erased.

3. Disconnecting from the "mass" of tire battery. In this case, together with the codes additional information is also deleted (time set on the electronic clock, radio codes etc.).


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