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Ignition system adjusting, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Ignition Timing,

Proper adjustment of ignition system affects the dynamics of the car, fuel consumption, ease of engine start and its resource. Ignition system is one of the most "capricious" in an automobile engine. Just this system is the cause of its unsatisfactory operation. At the same time there are cases, when all elements of the system seem to be operable, but the engine is bad or uses more fuel, or works disturbingly.

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Types of ignition systems:

- contact ignition system;

- contactless ignition system;

- electronic ignition system;

Symptoms of failure of ignition system:

Deterioration of engine start;

Unstable engine work;

Reduced engine power;

The increase in fuel consumption;

Highlighting of the electronics malfunction indicator on the dashboard;

These features are possible with other faults (fuel injection, engine control system etc.)


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