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Injection repair in Dubai, repair of injection system in Dubai, car injection timing Dubai

Diagnostics of faults of fuel systems and debugging is a pledge of quality work of the internal combustion engine, as well as its capacity and means to avoid expensive repair in the nearest future. We are always ready to offer a range of services for fuel systems setting up.

The primary purpose of diagnostics and fuel engine injection systems repair is to reduce consumption and a corresponding reduction of harmful substances emission as the cause of failures and errors in the ECU.

injector cleaning Dubai

Often during operating vehicle faults of injection fuel systems happen, which lead to disastrous consequences for the car engine. The main task of injection diagnostics is timely detection and repair of failures that lead to the destruction of the engine. Modern diagnostic equipment allows to make complete diagnosis and to identify errors in the injection system. Very often errors in the ECU can not be noticed even by experienced drivers, but diagnostic devices see them long before the showing overt signs of malfunction. Today there are many instructions for car repair but not all the documentation gives a comprehensive answer to the complex problems. In this case the statistics of failures is taken into account.

In summer, the probability of failure of the ignition coils increases greatly, reason for this is raising of the average operating temperature in the engine compartment, which adversely affects the operation of electronics in general. Failure of the Hall sensor is also one of the effects of temperature raising.

Results of diagnostics and debugging in fuel injection system:

 -decrease of expenses to car maintenance because of fuel saving

- continuous and stable operation of the car engine

 -reduction of environmental pollution by harmful substances

- saving money in future injector maintenance.




Our station has all the equipment and highly trained specialists to do the full range of work with any gasoline and diesel fuel systems:

- injector washing

- cleaning nozzles in ultrasound

- carburetor repair

- fuel tank washing

- fuel system washing

- replacement of fuel lines

- replacement of fuel pump


injector testing Dubai

Using our services, you can be sure that the "heart" of your car, the engine, will operate at maximum efficiency, optimum fuel consumption and increased reliability.

 Malfunction of the injector and nozzles can be eliminated. Nowadays there are two types of cleaning of fuel injection system:

- liquid (flushing of the system at idling with a special liquid)

- ultrasound (nozzle is washed under pressure in a special ultrasonic bath)

ignition repairing dubai

At our car repairing stations you can make:

- quality cleaning of fuel injection system

- washing of injector nozzles in an ultrasonic bath

- check nozzles’ capacity (measure the duration of the nozzle injection and the nozzle valve leak).


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