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Car electrics, maintenance and repair, repair of electric wiring

Electrical system of a car consists of:
conductors (cables, connectors etc).

The source of supply is the battery and alternator. The main consumers of electricity are the following: systems of the engine start, ignition, power, cooling, light, security, heating, conditioning, engine control, control, protection and comfort.
All vehicle's electrical systems are integrated into a single circuit and partially depend on each other.

Electric wiring in the vehicle must be faultless and under constant supervision. Mistakes and faults in the electrical system can cause serious problems.

Car manufacturers recommend to pay attention to:
1. Electrical wires should be placed in specified locations, fastened correctly, ends and connectors should be clean, correctly connected that nothing could prevent good connection.
2.The battery should be clean, dry, fully charged and effectively fastened in the right place. The battery must meet the requirements of the car manufacturer. Battery clips for connection of the vehicle wiring should be in tight contact with the battery.
3. If you notice a slight smell of smoke or burning stop the engine immediately and disconnect the battery if possible.

Our specialists are always ready to help you to check your wiring, to adjust the electrical system.

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