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Repair of alternators in Dubai, alternator repair and testing.

Alternator is a device that provides power to electric consumers included in the on-board network, and it charges the battery when the engine is running.

generator repairing Dubai

Even at idle speed, the generator must develop the power of which should be enough to supply nearly all consumers. Alternators on the engine idling develop 40-50% of rated power. If your alternator does not meet these requirements, you need the repair of the alternator.

For long-term operation of the alternator you must comply certain rules related to the presence of semiconductor elements:

1. The alternator should never work without the battery, even briefly, as this may damage the voltage regulator.

2. It is not allowed to connect to the on-board vehicle network sources of electric power of reverse polarity ("plus" to "mass"), which can happen for example when you try to start the engine from the outside battery.

3. Any checks in the scheme of the alternator set with connection of high voltage sources are not allowed.

4. Carrying out welding work on the car the terminal "mass" of the welding machine must be connected.

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