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According to experts, the correct adjustment of headlights is not only a technical necessity but an integral part of the culture of driving. Remember that the proper adjustment of the headlights has a positive effect on the quality of the road review that allows to the driver to notice the obstacle in time and make the right decision. Correctly adjusted lights will not blind drivers of oncoming cars and vehicles traveling ahead of you, that will allow avoiding a lot of troubles on the road. Very often over time car's headlights lose the right adjustment, which is especially noticeable in large cities, where there is always a busy counter-flow. What is the reason?

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Proper adjustment of the headlights depends on the correct operation of the controller or hydraulic corrector of the headlight itself. Any malfunction in these devices affect both the operation of headlights and the flow of car light. One can agree with the view that the lights are a kind of indicator of driver’s attitude to the technical condition of his car. However, the headlights not always depend on the attitude of the driver, it is sometimes connected with contamination of the corrector. This cause is especially widespread, showing depending on the operation of the car after every 40-50 thousand kilometers. Accordingly, the adjustment of the light headlights is really necessary.

We adjust the headlights of all car makes

To make the correct adjustment of the headlights, there are some tricks. The car is set on a level area, and that a special mark in thirty meters of it is made. After that each headlight switched in lower beam, is adjusted separately so the boundary of light appeared in the vertical position to the mark. Upper beam of the headlights adjusted in the horizontal plane, but without reference to the mark. Here, on the contrary, it is important that the flow of light was not in the center.


At ZNZ Car service the adjustment of the headlights is carried out using appropriate equipment. The device for adjusting the headlights allows to work quickly and at a high level. Besides the design features of each specific model are taken into account.

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Adjustment of Japanese headlights is often carried out with special linings. However, this measure is not always the best solution for achieving the result. It is believed that installation of light sources that correspond to European standards, is the most efficient.

In order to adjust car headlights correctly, we make adjustment of upper and lower beam of the highlights as well as adjustment of fog-lights. With this purpose a special set  for headlights adjustment is used. Often car owners have to consult with employees of the car center to adjust the lights optimally. The main thing is to take into account that the headlights do not dazzle drivers in the counter flow of cars and well light the side of the road. Proper dispersion of the headlights is governed by special rules and requirements depending on car make.

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