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Engine gaskets replacement Dubai

Each engine has a lot of different types of gaskets. Valve cover gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, engine head gasket, crankcase gasket, crankshaft seals etc. All gaskets are worn out sooner or later, and do not fulfill their direct function.

head gasket change Dubai


Evidences of gasket failures:

- external leak of oil or coolant on the joints;

- when checking the oil on the dipstick whitish emulsion is visible – this may be the result of getting of coolant through the faulty cylinder head gasket;

- white smoke from the exhaust pipe (constantly, not during the warming) – sign of coolant getting into the cylinder(s);

- checking the expansion tank or on the liquid surface in the radiator oil stains are shown – oil gets into the cooling system through a faulty gasket;

- bubbles in the radiator or expansion tank show getting of exhaust  gas into the cooling system through the cylinder head gasket, etc.



Come to the "ZNZ" Garage car service and our experts will check and replace the worn out gaskets on new ones, that you could use your car carefree and for a long time!

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