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Oil change, oil filter replacement Dubai, engine oil change

oil change Dubai

Oil change in the engine should be systematical, every 8-10 thousand kilometers of car run. Otherwise, the wear is increased and premature failure of all rubbing parts of the engine. Reliability and resource of the engine, its capacity, as well as environmental rates directly depend on the purity of the engine oil.


Mixing two different oils (that have the same properties, for example, the same category of API quality), the announced final properties of the oil can not be guaranteed. It’s worth remembering that the quality of mixed oils will always be worse than the original engine oil.

First run of the engine after oil change is very responsible because oil system has not filled yet, as a result the lubricant can not immediately get to all rubbing surfaces. If oil was filled less than normal, the alarm lamp of oil pressure will remind about it as soon as the ignition is switched. In order to protect the engine from wear because of oil starvation, at the first start it is necessary to roll the starter for five times, then the pump will pump the oil to the entire system.

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Oil filter replacement

Oil filter collects dirt and metal from the circulating oil. When the filter is clogged, the valve allows these contaminants to continue circulating with the oil in the engine, damaging the its parts and making the sediment. Therefore, you should replace the oil filter at every oil change.

car oil change in dubai

One of the features of our service centers is permanent availability of oil and filters for cars of all makes and models. This allows our clients to spend the whole process quickly and hassle-free. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our professionalism!

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