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Engine valves adjustment Dubai

valves adjustment Dubai
To maintain optimum engine operation mode and exact match of gas distribution phases repair and maintenance of the power unit includes an operation of valves adjustment. Similar work of the engine service must be done by experienced motorists.

If the valves are not adjusted properly, this may reduce the effectiveness of the engine work and even to resources reduction of its parts.
For example, with small gaps valves and saddles will burn. With large gaps, when the valves do not open to the full, the engine power will significantly decrease and you will hear the metal sound.
Adjustment must be made once for 13 ... 18 thousand kilometers. If it the cylinder unit head was repaired, the valve adjustment should be double: immediately after repair and in 20 km after this.


valves adjustment in dubai

To adjust the expansion gaps we do following actions:

1. Remove valve cover, expose the piston to the end of the compression stroke, so that the valves are in the closed position.

2. Check and adjust the required gap using the flat probes.

3. With this purpose we turn on the locknut of the adjusting screw and turn this screw to set desired gap, controlled in the size by the probe.

4. After setting the gap the locknut is tightened and gap size shall be verified again. Probe should go into the gap and pulled out of it with the effort.

Control of the gap adjustment result and other engine repair is done with computer diagnostics.

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