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Repair of cylinder unit head in Dubai, cylinder head repair Dubai, repair of engine head Dubai

At our service center you can repair a cylinder unit head, our highly skilled specialists with wide experience, using expensive equipment, will bring the engine of your car in life and availability to work.

engine overhaul repair Dubai

In the engine of a modern car the head is a whole complex of various difficult mechanisms and assemblies. Repair of engine head in Dubai is not an easy action, it requires certain skills and good experience. It also requires special equipment that allows to perform all the actions accurately and successfully. But for some reason very often repair of engine head is not considered as a matter of first importance and the emphasis during the capital repair is on the crankshaft and unit. Such repair can not be called quality one and life of the engine after such actions is not recovered completely.


Our service center pays due attention to such thing as the engine head repair in Dubai. This type of work is well learn by our experts and carried out successfully and efficiently. In the workshop, we have high quality equipment and a suitable environment. In order to carry out repair of engine head it must be removed from the engine. It is possible to replace certain seals without removing in some makes. You need special tools that are available to our masters.


Our highly skilled masters perform repair of the engine head in accordance with the guidance on repair of various car makes, using modern technology, methods, quality materials. We use both conventional techniques, and our own groundwork that the result exceeds any expectations. In each case certain methods and techniques are selected – such an individual approach is the key to success and it ensures competent, quality repair of the engine head.




engine overhaul repairing Dubai


To check the condition of the head we need a certain set of measurement tools. They control following dimensions and parameters:

1. Lower plane of the head (during professional repair it is always treated, even if the deformation is small).

 2. Wear of camshaft and its bearings (if the shaft is located in the head). Surface of bearing journals should not have explicit signs of wear — circular grooves, protrusions, burrs etc. Otherwise the camshaft is replaced and the head is repaired.

 3. Wear of the valve stems.

 4. Wear of guide bushings.

 5. Wear of saddles, push rods, levers, rockers, cams is determined mainly visually.

 6. Various defects of local character are determined visually. It is necessary to pay attention to the surface of the head, connected with the trim rings: serifs, burrs and other defects usually lead to leakage of head connection to the cylinder unit. Sometimes it is also possible to see the cracks in the walls of the combustion chamber. If it is a through crack (to the cooling jacket), there won’t be any carbon on the walls neither at the crack nor in the whole chamber. When there is a suspicion, that there is a crack in the combustion chamber, or its walls are damaged by fragments of details (valves, saddles etc.), before beginning the repair the head it is always necessary to check the leak proofness otherwise all repair can be wasted.


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