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engine repair services Dubai

Engine is the most important part of any car. As a rule, if there are any problems with the engine, most car owners prefer to repair it rather than replace.
Every car owner should worry when he hears knocks or noise in the engine, that were not typical for its work before. The reasons of this knock may be very different, from the impurities in the fuel to serious mechanical defects. In order to ascertain the reasons, qualified engine diagnostics is required. In many cases, for accurate diagnostics and repair special equipment is absolutely necessary, not  any service station has it.
Repair of petrol engines, as well as the repair of diesel engines, necessarily begins with a detailed diagnostics. The full repair of the engine includes its disassembly, cleaning with special cleaning agents, assessment of the degree of wear. Worn parts are replaced or restored. The work is conducted with the replacement of the entire piston, performed at the same boring cylinders, giving them a proper cylindrical shape. After assembly, the engine is tested on a special stand, which allows to identify whether all problems have been solved during repair.

Total engine repair is made in the case, when the power and compression significantly decrease, which in turn implies a high mileage of the car.

Engine repair includes:
- computer engine diagnostics;
- definition of failure and worn parts;
- dismantling of the engine;
- replacement of assemblies and components;
- adjustment, installation.

Most of all repairs lasts for several days.

Ongoing work on engine capital repair:

- repair of fuel system;
- repair of unit head;;
- rolls grinding;
- repair assemblies;
- cylinders bore;
- repair of the cylinder unit;
- welding works.

Addressing to our car care center your can be firmly sure that all problems preventing the normal work of the engine of your car, will be found and corrected with possible quality.

engine repairing Dubai

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