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Timing belt replacement, replacement of main belt Dubai, engine chain replacement, engine belt checking

It is necessary to change the timing belt for avoiding serious damage of the engine. The terms of timing belt replacement vary depending on the car make and the conditions of its operation, after running approximately 60-100 thousand kilometers, but for cars used in an urban environment and regularly idling in traffic jams, these figures are significantly lower. It's desirable to change the timing belt at the time of each major checkup. Replacement of the belt should be done by professionals, because mistakes in this procedure may result in bad engine work. In technical center "ZNZ" Garage the timing belt replacement is often made procedure, so our specialists can perform it quickly and efficiently.

timing belt replacement Dubai

Timing belt is used to synchronize work of the crankshaft and camshaft of the engine. It has notches inside to prevent slipping on pulleys. On some makes, a gas distribution mechanism uses a chain drive. Timing chain usually is not worn out and rarely needs repair. During visual inspection the timing belt should be clean, not worn out and without any visible damage. If the belt does not meet these requirements, it must be replaced. The best way to quickly find any damage on the belt is to do the checkup at our service station.


* video: about the timing belt, the importance of replacing the timing belt, consequences (Sound language: English).


At the service station "ZNZ" Garage procedure of timing belt replacement consists of several stages:

1. The first phase of replacing the timing belt is the removal of the old one. With this purpose it is necessary to remove all the disturbing details and protection of a gear belt.

2. Then by rolling the crankshaft to match marks on its pulley and engine unit.

3. Crankshaft is rolling slowly with the help of starting handle or fastening bolt of generator pulley. On the old belt in case of its replacing the direction of rolling is marked.

4. Then the stretcher is weakened and the timing belt is removed. When the belt is removed it is necessary to check and to serve the stretcher and idler rollers.

5. The next stage of belt replacement – installation of a new one – is performed in sequence, opposite to the first step. The crankshaft and camshaft must be in the same position as in removing (the mark on the pulley must match the mark on the unit, and the mark on the gear must match the mark on the head).

Also it is recommended to replace the belt rollers, pump and seals at the same time.

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