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ZNZ Garage car workshop services  Dubai

Diversified ZNZ Garage car care service center carries out high-quality repair of cars actually all import manufacturers of transport. At the same time you will be certainly pleased by cost of our services. About prices in details read in the following tab - service center: prices.


Each car manufacturer makes certain recommendations and rules according to which it is necessary to repair the car. Construction of modern cars demands considerable and special knowledge for each model or make.


Only the company with the newest equipment can make engine reassembly according to the highest standards and other repair work. Because modern car is not only experience and knowledge of masters but also high-quality diagnostics.


Today diagnostics and car repair are inseparable:

-          Diagnostics allows to select for car repair the personal program of diagnosing

-          Nowadays car repair is carried out by means of system scanners

-          Computer equipment helps to diagnose hidden breakages and to eliminate them

-          The endoscope is used in car repair

-          Diagnostics allows to prevent car repair and to correct malfunctions before they lead to serious problems


Service center "ZNZ" Garage actively uses all modern ways of repair which allow improving quality of our services. Before starting specific repair we will consult you in details about effective elimination of available problems and we will select the best way of fight against breakages.


• Master’s visit to the place of road accident

• Tow away from the place of accident

• Expert assessment of car damage

• Reassembly/ assembly of damaged car for additional estimation by an expert of insurance company

• Repair with replacement or restoration of load-bearing parts of a body

• Body repair

• Painting works

• Replacement of glasses

• Body works

• Repair of bumpers and plastic elements

• Spare parts delivery

• Metalwork repair

• Engines repair

• A/C repair

• Computer diagnostics

• Tyre -fitting/ mounting

• Wheel alignment


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