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Manual gearbox repairing, repair of manual transmission Dubai, gear box diagnostics, gearbox oil change

manual gerabox repair Dubai
Even the most reliable cars sometimes need repair. Among the "problem" machine units is a mechanical gearboxes (manual transmissions). Complete or partial failure of the box makes the car unfit for further use.
Equipment of our technical center and long-term experience of our specialists allow qualitatively and quickly repair transmission of any vehicle of  Korean, Japanese and European manufacturing.

The list of transmission repair, performed at the service station "ZNZ" Garage:

- oil change of automatic transmission, manual transmission, front gear, rear gear, transfer case.

- disassembly, re-efficiency of manual transmission, transfer case and gear.

- replacement of bearings of shafts, synchronizers, shaft stuffing boxes, sleeves switching of transmission and modes of transfer case, oil pumps of transfer cases, interaxle differentials, selector forks, gear-shift rails and shaft of switching drive, gear gates, gearwheels.

- replacement of bearing and main pairs of main transmission and differential unit.

- change of dust caps and lubricant of constant velocity joints, replacement of crosses, repair and balancing of cardan shafts, flanges and ends.

- replacement and adjustment of wheel bearings, hub replacement in a set, replacement of bearings and stuffing boxes of axles, replacement of hub locks (for all-wheel drive vehicles with connecting axles), repair of mechanisms and control systems of connection of axles of front and rear drives, repair and diagnostics of vacuum mechanism of front drive connection.

- replacement of stuffing boxes gaskets and elimination of leak of oils of technical liquids of the transmission.

- repair of cracks and shears of cases and bodies of reducers, gear boxes, transfer cases.

During diagnostics of manual transmission such parameters are controlled: 

- body integrity;

- fuel level;

- wear of main bearings and those of sleeves and gear wheels (needle bearings);

- condition of gear wheels, shafts, synchronizers and selector forks;

- wear of work area and stuffing boxes.

manual gearbox repair Dubai

Main rules of manual gearbox operation

Every time when you leave the garage or parking it is necessary al least visually make sure that there is no oil leak from the gear box, loud noise. All transmissions should switch on/off without problems. The same must be during traffic with different speed – if there is any little unwanted sound you should immediately address to the car service for diagnostics; if you have a new car after the first 2-3 thousand kilometers of run you should change oil in the gear box. Because during the car running in all details, especially gear wheels get ground to each other and all forming rests of the metal are kept in the oil. It is better to change the oil just after the trip until the oil gets cold.

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