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Automatic gearbox diagnostics, automatic gearbox repair, repair of automatic transmission Dubai, change of gearbox oil

If you need to change the automatic transmission of to repair the automatic gearbox of your car we invite you to address to our car service. Skilled specialists will perform all the work and give warranty.

automatic transmission repair Dubai
As a rule words automatic gearbox repair (repair of transmission, variator, fluid converter) mean just replacement of worn out or faulty details by new or safe but used ones. But very often it is possible to repair or restore the faulty detail and pay less for the repair. For each detail the restoration method is selected individually. Sometimes it is simple reseating of work area or argon welding of aluminium case, but there are more difficult cases, for example, restoration of borings in cases for bearings of restoration of worn out surface of shafts and clutch bodies.


Main services of automatic gearbox repair (repair of automatic transmissions):

Maintenance of automatic gearbox, warranty and post-warranty repair

Diagnostics of faulties and technical appraisal of defects

Oil change, deinstallation and setting of gearbox, diagnostic work

Fluid converters repair

Repair of hydroblocks of automatic gearbox

Main stages of automatic gearbox repair (repair of automatic transmissions):

Entrance diagnostics

Deinstallation of gearbox from a car

Disassembly of gearbox and re-efficiency of its details and assemblies

Agreement with the customer the question of used spare parts and cost

Assembly of gearbox

Installation on a car

Exit diagnostics

Test drive

Automatic gearbox diagnostics includes:

Automatic gearbox codes reading

Check-up of level and quality of oil in the automatic gearbox

Pressure measurement in automatic gearbox

Test drive

automatic gearbox repair Dubai

Experts specializing in complex automatic gearbox replacement and its repair work at our car service. Only our masters take deal with all kinds of gearboxes, considering their specificity and they can not only replace broken details by new ones but they work fully making repair on the grounds of full diagnostics of automatic gearbox.


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