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External car tuning services in Dubai

External car tuning includes several subparagraphs.

Aerodynamic dodger

body tuning Dubai

What actually aerodynamics of the car is? When the car moves with a speed 140-150 km/h and more behind it «a turbulent zone» stretches as a tail (chaotic turbulence of air masses). The car flow during movement occurs on three sides on top and on each side. And down (at the bottom throughout all car) air streams pass with the turbulence forming at collision with parts of the car. There is a formation of superfluous pressure of air under the bottom and in a compartment where the car engine is placed. This pressure raises the car, clamping force decreases that naturally reduces extent of coupling of wheels with the road, as a result car control gets worse.

Aerodynamic car tuning is made with any plastic as excess weight reduces controllability of the car. Such technical solutions are:


Rear roof wings:

Shaped bottom panels (more often applicable on high-speed sport cars). Due to this innovation braking because of extended parts and units of the car is completely excluded.

Shaped rear and front bumpers..

Competent installations together with the correct application create additional clamping force for your car on so high speed. At the wrong installation of even super good aerodynamic dodgers it is possible not to reduce lifting force but having overloaded one and having unloaded another axes, sharply reduce controllability of the car even on lower speed.

There are a lot of secondary elements of influence on the general aerodynamics of the car such as:

• Deflectors;

• Slightly open hatch;

• Open window;

• Shape of rear-view mirrors;

• Additional light equipment on a car roof, especially if it is an off-road vehicle.

Their influence isn't enough, but nevertheless it exists.

By the way, improvement of aerodynamic properties of the car by application of an aerodynamic dodger starts to be felt only after 120 km/h, is more appreciable on speed of 140-160 km/h. It means that such tuning is efficient only on high-speed highways, not on quiet city roads.



vinyl Dubai

After pasting by vinyl films the car becomes unique and is notable among others. The technology of a vinyl film allows it to pass easily sinks, frosts, salt and dirt. Such drawing will keep on a body of your car from 3 to 6 years, and it is easily removed if you want. For this purpose you will need only a construction dryer and solvent for removal of glue rests.

The technology of aerographic is very simple. One more unconditional plus of this technology is its cost. The price you pay for vinyl pleasure is not comparable with any aerographic.



aerography Dubai

For creation of drawing a special device – an air brush – is used. In this device paint under pressure moves to a special nozzle tip and gets on a painted surface. Thanks to modern sprays and various modes of drawing, the painter can create practically any high-realistic drawing. Any project begins with development of the sketch. Now with this purpose computers are used: the photo of the car is opened in the special program and painting is imposed, selecting necessary colors and a place. Often on cars images of animals, abstraction or mysticism are put.

After completion of composite works it is possible to start directly the process of painting. For this purpose the luster is removed from a painting surface remove, it is degreased, necessary nozzles, stencils and a color palette are prepared.

Depending on complexity of drawing, the painter carries out necessary quantity of sessions, then the surface of drawing is varnished and the process is completed.


Xenon bulbs/ lamps

The most progressive today lamps are the metal-halide lamps (HID-Lamp) which are better known as xenon ones. They give much more light, than usual halogen ones, consume less energy (reduces load of the generator on a third) and their range is similar to a daylight range and consequently it is much more pleasant for a human eye.

xenon lights Dubai

The xenon lamp is a gas-discharge flask with inert gas xenon inside. It has filament and the electric arc arises between two electrodes.

Let's see the main advantages and shortcomings of xenon headlights. Term of their service is much more longer than of halogen ones, glass of a lamp doesn't heat up (glasses of some halogen lamp can burst because of overheat). Besides xenon headlights get less dirty.

However they are rather expensive (lamps and blocks). If one lamp burns out it is necessary to change both. And in general xenon lamps are very whimsical, for example it is extremely undesirable to blink with upper beam if you installed xenon - it harms lamps very much.

Usually there two types of such lamps - D2R or D2S with capacity 25W. They are lit by starting blocks Phillips or Osram. Their temperature is about 4000-5000 K.

xenon lights


Tyres and wheels

Let’s start with tyres. The main for us is to choose "footwear" on a season and to observe a proportion "price-quality".

A good tire has a short brake way, good controllability at any paving, does not rustle, has a little weight.

Tires can be tubed and tubeless. The tubed tire (standard and more widespread) consists of a tire and the tube with the gate. Tubeless tires have an integral air-tight rubber layer. They  are lighter safer in traffic and under repair, but they demand wheels with a special rim and increased accuracy of manufacturing.



The most important for wheels is their durability. The light weight of a disk is also important.

In coloring there two types of wheels: powder and enamel. Wheels with a powder covering are not only are outwardly attractive, but also are more resistant to mechanical influences. Wheels with enamel covering are also outwardly very presentable, but are more inclined to destruction. Sometimes for longer durability enamel is protected with a special varnish.

rims Dubai

In technology there are cast and forged wheels. It is necessary to note that cast ones are not the strongest - in molding the crystal structure of wheels turns out non-directional, and it negatively influences durability and plasticity. On the other hand the similar technology allows many options of design and is distinguished by little prime cost of products. Forged wheels are stronger cast as their structure is strengthened by hot punching. Besides, they have less weight but they are more plastic. The wide distribution of forged wheels is prevented by their high price.

In construction they are monolithic and folding.


In covering (don’t confuse with coloring) they are enamel, varnish, mixed and galvanic. The first ones are quite rare. Such wheels are painted in white or other bright color and they are used for tuning or exclusive cars. Varnished wheels are the most popular in this segment. Usually the varnish is put over paint, but there are wheels made of polished aluminum covered by a varnish for protection against corrosion. At the third one the painted fragments are combined with the polished elements. Sometimes on two-colored wheels contrast inserts can be fastened by screws.

Galvanic or chromium-plated wheel are very rare – they are very expensive.


In sizes and type of fastening (holes). There are PCD, DIA and ET holes. The first show diameter of a circle with holes. DIA is a diameter of a hole for a nave cap - it also depends on a car design. ET (or an offset) is a distance from the fit surface of a wheel to the middle of a rim profile. It influences a resource of nave bearings and ride performance of the car.


Windows tinting

windows tint Dubai

Toning of car glasses was and stays one of the most popular methods which are selected by motorists worldwide, deciding not only to distinguish appearance of the car, but also to set up comfort and safety of a driver and his passengers.

Films for toning increase durability of car glasses, make them steadier to scratches and other damages.

Good toning films don't reduce level of viewing and transparency of glasses from  cabin at all, but at a look from the outside into the cabin you can see only dim silhouettes of people.

Art toning emphasizes identity of the car, distinguishes it from gray mass and makes your car original.

At the moment are some types of films for toning of car glasses:

A) Paint covered films are the simplest and most available type of toning films. Such films can not guarantee good protection against sunshine and temperature drops.
B) The plated films can guarantee good level of protection of your car against high temperatures, ultraviolet and bright light. The various color scale is obtained thanks to using of various metals and their combinations.
C) Films with the combined covering of paint and metal are capable to provide larger amount of colors and promise good protection against ultraviolet and temperature drops.

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