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Chip tuning, engine tuning in Dubai

Any modern engine has a control unit that operates on a particular program. Changing this program is called chip tuning.

race chip tuning dubai

The purpose of chip-tuning is to increase power and torque of the engine, remove the limit of maximum speed, move the cut-off of maximum turns, eliminate failures, shift torque to lower speed and thereby achieve a better overall dynamics.

Chip-tuning is quite attractive and self-sufficient way of forcing. At atmospheric engines it gives an increase of horsepower and torque up to 10-13%. On turbocharged engines, the maximum increase in power is up to 35% and torque is up to 40%.

The main advantage of chip tuning is in no mechanical interference into the engine. All changes are made at the program level by editing the calibration of the engine control program. Modern equipment and technologies give us the possibility in 70% cases even not to take off the control unit and carry out all works through a regular diagnostic connector, that eliminates the damages of the ECU.

Chip-tuning is of the components of engine "iron-tuning", such as a change in engine size, refinement of the cylinder head, installation of tuning camshafts, changes in intake and exhaust systems etc. But unlike the "iron tuning" it is rather gentle to the service life of the engine.

Our service center in Dubai offers chip tuning of engines of cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, aircrafts with European quality. We have great professional experience, proven over the years and a high, guaranteed quality work.


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