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In our life we often hear the words "tuning", "car tuning" etc., these words became for us already habitual, but generally these words mean only external tuning (furnish of outer side a body of the car). Car tuning means setting or improvement of a car for a specific owner when all his needs and requirements are considered. Possibilities of car tuning are unlimited: from body furnish to replacement of the engine by more powerful one. Nowadays this subject is interesting, fascinating and actual!

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Car tuning is divided into external tuning (body), internal tuning (cabin) and technical tuning (running gear and engine). Technical tuning can include unimaginably serious changes in the construction of an engine, a running gear and other not less important parts of the car. Tuning is an art to give the car unique and inimitable face that will distinguish it from hundred thousands other cars of the same brand descending from the conveyor.

The simplest in tuning is external furnish. The owner can decorate it with stickers, inscriptions, to replace or add some parts etc. It is an example of simple furnish of the car. High-quality, professional car furnish includes works from professional drawing, vinyls to replacement of large parts of a body. But at such tuning there no changes in technical characteristics of the car, except aerodynamic rates.

If you really want to improve, to increase abilities of your car, banal stickers and a new bumper will not help you! Here we set all systems of the car, each of them is extremely important for the high-speed car. At high-quality technical tuning all changes in the car often lead to increase in capacity and dynamics of the car.


Types of tuning

Internal tuning

Internal tuning in general suggests change or replacement of components of the cabin. Installation of car sound is the element of cabin tuning that everyone likes. Other elements of the cabin that can be exposed to tuning: decorative furnish, change of upholstery, steering wheel, anatomic seats, various rugs and overlays for pedals, additional devices.

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External tuning

External tuning is furnish of outer side of a car body (painting, various drawings and inscriptions). Windows toning is an integral part of external tuning. It is also addition or replacement of body parts (installation of spoilers, air inlets) that is very important for improvement of aerodynamic rates of a car.


Technical tuning

Basic elements of technical tuning are: elements that strengthen the body (rigidity beams, safety frameworks), a sport suspension bracket, sport brake system, low-profile rubber, sport clutch, exhaust system, air filter of zero resistance, engine speeding up, turbine installation, soured nitrogen, carburetor adjustment etc. This list can be continued almost indefinitely. People have invented a lot of things to reach the maximum speed. The main idea of car tuning is to consider and satisfy needs and some passions of the car owner.

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