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Car painting Dubai, car repainting Dubai, local painting, full car painting Dubai

Local or full car painting allows to update the appearance of the car, to prepare it for sale or to restore the appearance after the repair. Employees of the technical centre ZNZ Garage will help you to solve problem of any complexity.

car painting Dubai

Car painting is one of the spheres of our activity. That’s why we can guarantee high-quality work fulfillment exactly in the agreed time. Professional car painting is art itself and it demands a qualified master. Cabin painting means a complete range of actions that must be done for adequate restoration of all manufacturer’s varnish-and-paint covering, including layers of bases, fillers, paint and varnish

Car painting is a difficult technological process, the works has some stages:

deinstallation of elements that prevent the car painting or vice versa deinstallation of the element that should be painted;

elimination of rust and other strange materials;

preparation of detail’s surface for painting;

paint application on the detail;


varnish application;

next drying;



car painting services Dubai



Professional preparation of the cabin and car elements with use of really high-quality materials.

Seletion, preparation of paints and 10-stage painting.

Full and local (partial) painting of the cabin and details of any makes and models of cars.

We will paint surfaces of any complexity, of any materials in any colour.

We provide to our customers possibility to control all steges of work. You can see what and how we do with your car. You can personally control the quality and keeping the technology of car painting.

Our experience, attitude to our work and used technologies lead to the fact that car painting in our technical centre in Dubai guarantees the maximum quality, longitude, and nice accurate appearance of your car.



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