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Exclusive painting Dubai, chroming Dubai, golden painting Dubai

car paint gold Dubai

Are you a bright person? You don’t want to be the same with others, do you? You need the affect car! Especially for you ZNZ Garage car service Dubai  offers to make exclusive painting of your car into absolutely new color, in any you want or even in several colors with shining effects.

Exclusive car painting is a harmonic corelation of form and colour, small details and full painting and of course, the full realization of your wishes. Exclusive car painting gives a nice chance to realise something that others can not imagine. Exclusive car painting makes your car bright and stylish, that is very interesting to see and it attracts attention, be sure that you will never lose on general current.

You can find yourself on snow avalanche, riding the tiger or like ninja shadow hide in the city?  After exclusive painting the car becomes more attractive and noticeable.

car paint chrome Dubai


And painting of elements in chrome, gold, silver, application with Swarovsky crystals etc!

Any your wish on car design will immediately realise at the car service ZNZ garage in Dubai!

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