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Replacement of the catalyst and lambda probe

Catalytic converter of exhaust gas, or catalyst is a detail of exhaust system of the car, primarily responsible for getting rid of harmful impurities of engine exhaust.  In addition, the catalyst is responsible for the initial breaking of the flow of gases and the removal of resonation. On cars manufactured after 2000 at the outlet of the catalyst sensor is installed. It controls the contents of harmful impurities. It signals about violation and brakes the engine, so if the catalyst is worn-out, it must be replaced.

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The fact that the catalyst will soon fail is primarily signaled by a reduction of engine power: deterioration of accelerating dynamics, reduction of maximum speed, engine start gets worse. Gumming-up of the catalyst in the early stages may not be noticed. The driver just need to compensate the loss of power press harder the gas pedal. At this stage, the exhaust sometimes takes a sharp poisonous smell of hydrogen sulfide, that just shows the problems with the catalyst, in which the chemical processes of decomposition of the exhaust gases are interfered.

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Catalysts fail mainly of two reasons: due to violation of the operation rules the ceramic core is melted or combs are clogged with soot, or as a result of prolonged operation the catalytic layer or ceramics itself are destroyed.

For example after the hot to the stone lying on the road the inside combs of the ceramics can break into small pieces. The same thing can happen if the water gets on the hot catalyst. Malfunction engine ignition system can also destroy the ceramic catalyst. This happens because during unsuccessful start of the engine the unburned fuel accumulates in the exhaust tract. When the car finally starts, there is an explosion in the catalyst and ceramic combs can not stand and fall apart.

When is it necessary to replace the catalyst?

- You hear a jar under the seat.

- You have a feeling that the car lacks power. Drivers usually say that "the car does not work to the full"

- You found that needle of the sensor that shows engine turns, from time to time "floats" at idle.

- All these are the reasons to address to professionals.

Why should I change the catalyst? Replacement of the catalyst is a whim or necessity?

 Remember that the good work of this car is necessary for full operation of the entire exhaust system. Catalyst takes all the load of moving car engine - "its heart" and is able to prevent many breakdowns.

Lambda probe is an oxygen sensor in the engine exhaust manifold. It allows to evaluate the amount of remaining free oxygen in the exhaust gas.

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How are the catalyst and lambda probe connected?

For normal operation, the catalyst needs ongoing optimal balance of air and fuel into the operation mixture entering the combustion chamber.

14.7 parts of air to 1 part fuel - just such a composition provides maximum combustion of the fuel-air mixture, and the lambda probe is designed to maintain this proportion. Depending on the contents of oxygen in the exhaust gas probe produces a corresponding voltage, and the control unit adjusts the composition of the mixture by changing the amount of fuel supplied to the cylinders.

Usually the sensor is placed in front of the catalyst and measures the oxygen contents in gases just in front of it. That is the presence or absence of a catalyst does not affect the signals given by a lambda probe, only the amount of oxygen affect them. Another thing, when there are two oxygen sensors, one is placed in front of the catalyst and the other is after it. On the basis of signals from the second sensor an additional adjustment of the composition of the mixture is held and the oxygen content after the passage of gases through the catalyst, of course, changes, and in this case its absence may affect the process of formation of fuel-air mixture.

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