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Repair and muffler replacement

Repair or replacement of the exhaust pipe is carried out quickly and efficiently.
Our service center performs the repair of any complexity. We provide services in welding, replacement, tuning of a muffler.

muffler repair Dubai

A faulty exhaust system of the car can result in significant troubles. A damaged muffler is not only jarring, but it can also harm your health. To the cabin of the car a toxic gas can get, it causes headaches and affects the respiratory system.

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When do you need to replace the muffler?
If you bought a new one more than 2 or 3 years ago for the last time. Even with the failures in the work, it's time to apply to the service, even if not to repair, at least for a professional diagnostics. Preventing damage will cost you less than its elimination.
If the volume of the car “has increased”.
If you suspect damage of the muffler.
If in the cabin there is a smell of exhaust fumes.

What tasks does the timely and quality muffler repair perform?
Noise decrease
Afterburning of unburned fuel components
Optimization of fuel consumption and car power
Guaranteeing of maximum ecological compatibility



Car service "ZNZ" Garage offers the following services:
Free consultation;
Free, complete diagnostics of the exhaust system;
Muffler repair;
Muffler replacement;
Muffler installation;
Muffler welding;
Muffler tuning;
Replacement of muffler flute;
Installation of muffler flute;
Replacement of the catalyst (original, universal or flash suppressor);
Installation of catalyst;
Collector repair;
Collector replacement;
Lambda probe replacement;
Replacement, installation, tuning and repair of entire exhaust system;

Any other work as well as solving any non-standard problems of tuning and repair of exhaust systems and much more

muffler repairing Dubai

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