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Repair of power steering booster, repair of steering electric booster, diagnostics of power steering electric booster Dubai

Repair of power steering booster is often asked service for a lot of car services.  Thanks to steering booster pumps the steer rotates freely. It makes easier the car control but the system itself is fragile and it is exposed to frequent breaks. It happens at the lack of steering booster liquid. This steering booster liquid evaporates because of leakage of the whole system after hoses crippling. Air gets into them and foams the steering booster liquid. And in this form it acts like abrasive in the pump. The first symptoms of this situation is a typical sound, drone from under the hood. In this case it is necessary to fill the steering booster liquid up to nominal amount. More lasting use of pump with such a drone leads to final destruction and it can’t be restored.

power steering wheel repair Dubai

It is always better to prevent the breakage than to repair it later. And to avoid problems with steering booster is rather simple thing. It’s just enough to keep simple operation requirements:

power steering wheel repair Dubai

- to avoid too sporty driving mode;

- to control oil level in the tank.

- not to keep the steering wheel in the fully turned condition for more than 5 seconds;

- carefully watch the leakage proofness of the assembly and to check it. If you find out the leak, you should address to the car service as soon as possible;

- to control the extent of belt tension of hydraulic drive;

If you didn’t avoid problems with steering booster our car service ZNZ Garage would provide you the full range of services in diagnostics, replacement, restoration and repair of steering booster elements. All work is done on the highest level in the shortest time.

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