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Chassis (running gear) repair Dubai, bearings replacement, CV Joint replacement, brake disks grinding, replacement of absorbers, springs replacement, replacement of steering links


To increase the term of operation, work reliability and first of all to secure safe use it is recommended to timely  diagnose and to repair and replace worn out assemblies and details of car running gear.

Running gear connects wheels with the cabin and secures grip of the wheel and also guarantees a comfortable trip for passengers damping the road irregularities. Running gear consists of the frame, rear and front suspensions, absorbers, wheels and tires and namely these details are exposed to serious mechanical loads. If the running gear is out of work sooner or later something unavoidable will happen and the car will lose controllability. It’s not worth explaining its consequences.

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Before starting suspension repair (repair of front and rear suspension) or its replacement we make the diagnostics of the suspension, that includes:

- check-up the condition of absorbers, springs and abutments

- check-up of plays in ball units, steering ends, constant velocity joints - check-up of condition of silentblocks and other assemblies of car running gear

- check-up of hub bearings

- check-up of brake blocks, disks, drums, hoses


Our specialist are always ready to replace or repair:

Shock Absorber

The absorber is used to: Secure stable car running and damping of swinging on suspension springs, decrease of cabin incline at sharp braking, exception of possibility of wheel breakaway, decrease of braking distance, decrease of sideslip.


Signs of absorber’s faulty:

- knock at riding the rough part of the road

- “hunting”, car throwing from side to side

- long swaying after riding of road irregularities, hummocks etc.


Attention! Faulty absorber not replaced in time may lead to soon wear of hub bearings of running gear, ball units, transmission shaft, wheel disks, brake blocks.


You will need:

- steering control repair,

- brake system repair

- silent-blocks replacement,

- struts replacement,

- springs replacement


Silent-block quenches oscillations in connections of running gear details. It receives a huge part of load got by the suspension. The sign of faulty of silent-blocks is a typical wear of tires on sides and car swaying from side to side on the road.

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Ball units

Ball units are designed for wheels turn and for support of car stability on rough parts of the road.

Faulty of ball-units: knock in the front suspension while riding the rough roads with big amount of holes, low spots, at crossing tram roads, railroad. Serious wear of ball units can lead to loss of car control.


Steering ends

Faulty of steering ends is shown in presence of strange knock at steering shaft rotation, freewheeling. Faulty of steering end or wire can lead to loss of car controllability and to accident.


Hub bearings

Wear of bearing of front wheels leads to forming of plays that breaks the stability of controlled wheels and makes driving difficult. The signs of forming of big plays in bearings are drone, popping.

Replacement of CV Joint (constant velocity joints)

The sign of faulty of driving joint is crunch or click at getaway or fast direct acceleration, it shows more the problem of internal constant velocity joint. And crunch and click during the turn is a sign of faulty of external constant velocity joints.

During repair of running gear the angle of wheels setting can change, so it is strongly recommended to regulate the alignment.

undercarriage repair Dubai

During repair of running gear our masters use special professional means and tools that allow to keep necessary requirements and guarantees the high quality of repair. Masters of our repair shops use only original spare parts and those from leading manufacturers. Responsible approach to the work and high professional level – this allows our specialists to realise running gear in short time and with high quality.

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